Pedicure in St Helens

Need to get your feet holiday ready? Or is a pedicure a part of your self-care routine?

Our pedicure team are on hand to preen and polish your toes whenever you need us. Our treatments include a simple polish, gel toes, acrylic overlays and a full pedicure spa.

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A pedicure here at Hannah Clarke Advanced Skin and Beauty includes hard skin removal, cuticle care and moisturisation of the feet - think of it like a foot makeover.

Using our pedicure spa, we’ll soften hard skin, remove dead skin cells and refresh the toenails to keep them healthy and super soft. Just sit back, relax and let us do all the work.

You can add on polish, gel or acrylic to your pedicure or leave with bare toes - it’s completely up to you.

It’s recommended you get a pedicure every 4-6 weeks to upkeep the results, but many of our customers come to us for special occasions, like birthdays, weddings and holidays.

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Toe Nail Polish

Don’t fancy gel or acrylic toes? No problem. Pick from our selection of nail polish colours for your freshly pedicured toes.

We’ll tidy up your cuticles, file the nails to your favourite shape and apply your favourite colour to the nails.

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French toenails

If you’re not sure what colour to go for, why not opt for French toenails? The simple but effective design is the ultimate clean-girl look.

Pick your favourite base colour and we’ll add a crisp white line to the tip for an enhanced and easy-to-maintain pedi.
French toenails can be done with normal nail polish, gel nail polish or acrylic - it’s up to you!

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What is done during a pedicure?
During a pedicure, you can expect a foot soak in our pedicure spa before we remove any dead and hard skin from the feet and toes.

We’ll then tidy up your cuticles, clean under the toenails and file them into shape. You can opt for regular nail polish, a gel colour, or an acrylic overlay to add some colour and pattern to your nails. Or, you can keep them bare and enjoy your newly fresh and healthy feet.

But it doesn't stop there.

We’ll treat you to a foot massage with a moisturising lotion to soothe those hard-working toes.
Are pedicures good for your feet?
Of course! Regular upkeep of pedicures doesn’t just keep them beach ready, it also prevents the build-up of hard skin and removes dirt from under and around the nails. Keeping your feet and toes in good condition reduces the risk of developing infections on the nail bed.
What is the difference between a manicure and a pedicure?
A manicure is for your hands and fingernails, while a pedicure is for toes and feet only.

They’re similar in the sense that cuticle care and maintenance is performed alongside painting the nail or using acrylic to create a uniform shape.

However, a pedicure includes time in our foot spa and the removal of hard skin from the feet.


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    Hannah has always been a perfectionist, i have been using her for the past 2 years and wouldn't change for anything. She has just started using the gel bottle nails and its amazing.

    Stacey Wright

    Always 100 % happy with my gel nails with Hannah. Being a beauty therapist myself , I know she uses the best quality products and constantly updates her skills X

    Jane Tracey

    Been going to Hannah for a few years now, she’s innovative and creative with any design ideas I may have and we always have a good chat and laugh whilst she’s doing my nails!

    Sarah Wilson

    Hannah is the only nail technician I go to and trust. She is brilliant and her work never disappoints. 100% would recommend.

    Claire McGrath

    Hannah is so lovely, friendly and professional. I wouldn't trust anybody else with my nails or my eyebrows - nails that last forever! She is a perfectionist! I am always receiving compliments about how good my nails and eyebrows look! I cannot reccomend her enough!

    Stephanie Catterall


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