Like to stay low-maintenance? Or do you want something special for a birthday or event?

Here at Hannah Clarke Advanced Skin and Beauty, we can transform your nails into works of art. Whether you want something more low-key or a design to show off, we’ve got you covered.

From BIAB to nail extensions, we can take your nails from drab to fab!

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Gel nails

Whether you want plain colour or stand-out nail art, we are the nail salon for you. Experienced in both traditional gel polish and BIAB manicures, give your natural nails the chance to grow with protective, yet on-trend manicures.

For extra strength, builder gel can be applied underneath the colour. Or opt for a clean BIAB manicure for a more neutral look or add swirls, patterns, lettering and more with one of our nail techs.

Gel nails can be soaked off and re-done every 2-4 weeks and BIAB manicures can be infilled every 2-4 weeks, with a soak-off being advised every 3 infills.

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Acrylic nails

For ultimate strength and a crisp shape, opt for acrylic nails.

Similarly to gel nails, an acrylic manicure can last up to 4 weeks and be infilled, with a soak-off every 3 visits.

If you don’t want to wait for your natural nails to grow out, acrylic nails can instantly extend and perfect your nails for a uniform look. Pick out your gel colour or nail art design and our nail techs will work their magic, giving you claws to be proud of.

To remove acrylic nails before your fresh set, your nail tech will gently file off the top layer of gel polish and reduce any bulk, before wrapping them in foil and leaving them to soak with acetone-filled cotton balls - the perfect time to sit back and relax.

You’ll then be ready for your next set!

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Nail extensions

If your natural nails need a helping hand, nail extensions are the treatment for you. Using gel-X technology, we can extend your nail as much as you like, giving you claws to be proud of.

With Gel-X, we apply a clear tip flush to your nail and cure it with a UV light to secure it to the nail bed. We can then file it into your desired shape and length and top with gel polish for a look that lasts.

Unlike other manicures, gel-x nails are removed and replaced every 3-4 weeks to maintain their strength and shape.

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Do you offer french nails?
Clean, timeless and goes with every look. A French manicure is the ultimate option when it comes to nails. With a range of base colours to match your skin tone, french nails are simple but effective.

We’ll prep your nails and cuticles to create a clean surface before applying a gel polish or BIAB base and a thin white tip where your natural nail bed would end.

Keep it classic or make a statement with coloured tips, chrome finishes or a geometric shape - the world is your oyster with a set of French nails.
How long do nails last?

The longevity of your nails depends on the type you choose and how well you take care of them.

Typically, nails – be it builder gel, regular gel polish or acrylic – will last for around 2-3 weeks before you’ll need an infill.

To ensure your nails last as long as possible, you should:

  • Apply cuticle oil daily

  • Wear gloves when cleaning, gardening or participating in other tasks/hobbies that could potentially damage your nails

  • Don't pick or peel your nails if you experience lifting, make an appointment to have them repaired instead

  • Try not to file your nails unless absolutely necessary, and if you need to, file gently downwards

For more aftercare tips call or text the salon on 07568 368 995, or book an appointment with one of our nail technicians online!

How often should I get my nails done?
The frequency of your nail appointments depends on a couple of different factors, including how fast your nails grow, wear and tear, and how committed you are to maintenance.

To keep on top of your nails with BIAB, gel polish or acrylic, it’s recommended to get them done once every 2-3 weeks.

If you don’t mind a little growth showing, have slow-growing nails, or don’t experience lifting or cracking, you could go for three weeks between appointments.

However, if you have fast-growing nails, work in a hands-on kind of job, are a serial nail-biter (we see you!), or simply like to keep signs of growth at bay, it’s best to come in every two weeks.
What happens if one of my nails cracks?
Whether you bite or pick your nails, they’re naturally brittle, or you’re just a little bit clumsy, cracks can happen to the best of us, and at any time.
It’s an all too familiar (and frustrating) experience, but we’re here for you when the time comes.

If your nail cracks or breaks, leave it as is and give us a call to book in for a repair.

Do not remove the rest of the nail yourself – as this could cause damage to your natural nail underneath – and file down any rough edges gently until you can make it to the salon.

At your appointment, our nail technicians will assess the casualty and patch things up as best they can – you won’t be able to tell it was broken in the first place!

Got a broken nail emergency?

Pop into the salon and we’d be happy to sort it for you!


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    Hannah has always been a perfectionist, i have been using her for the past 2 years and wouldn't change for anything. She has just started using the gel bottle nails and its amazing.

    Stacey Wright

    Always 100 % happy with my gel nails with Hannah. Being a beauty therapist myself , I know she uses the best quality products and constantly updates her skills X

    Jane Tracey

    Been going to Hannah for a few years now, she’s innovative and creative with any design ideas I may have and we always have a good chat and laugh whilst she’s doing my nails!

    Sarah Wilson

    Hannah is the only nail technician I go to and trust. She is brilliant and her work never disappoints. 100% would recommend.

    Claire McGrath

    Hannah is so lovely, friendly and professional. I wouldn't trust anybody else with my nails or my eyebrows - nails that last forever! She is a perfectionist! I am always receiving compliments about how good my nails and eyebrows look! I cannot reccomend her enough!

    Stephanie Catterall


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